#ESPTwiminar8–EdTech Scope Creep

Too often the ed tech project managers for a client agency and a contractor sit across the table and disagree on when a deliverable is finished, when the acceptance sign-off should happen, and when the payment must be made.

At times, there are some trade-offs. Sign-off now in exchange for more data loaded later. Keep working longer in exchange for a sign-off if half of these data elements can be provided in two weeks.

If both parties are truly objective, neither is likely to believe they got what they expected at the beginning of the contract.

Defining data scope is arguably the most difficult and the most important milestone in an ed tech project. Data scope is the agreed-upon source data to be moved from by ETL into the ed tech solution’s destination database to satisfy the contract.

Incredibly, data scope is too often deferred, underperformed, delegated to the contractor, or assumed to be obvious by the nature of the project.

This twiminar provides insight into the process for defining data scope to reduce risk in an ed tech project. Click here to access the complete white paper, Has Your Scope Creep Created a Scope Monster?