About P20WForum

P20W (Pre-Kindergarten thru workforce) Forum is a website from the Austin, TX based ESP Solutions Group. Here you will find the latest news and discussions about what's going on in…

• Education data standards (Ed-Fi, CEDS, A4L)
• Federal reporting (EDFacts, ESSA Intervention Effectiveness Evidence, OCR, MSIX, etc.)
• State reporting
• Personally identifiable information
• State legislation
• Longitudinal data systems (Statewide & Local education agency)
• Data quality
• Metadata dictionaries
• Data visualizations
• Data governance
• Project management
• Risk management
• Data scope management


espsgESP’s home page and central location for contacts and other support

dataspecsEverything about DataSpecs® Governance Edition & DataSpecs® Enterprise Edition metadata dictionary applications

es3Home page for EDFacts Shared State Solution (ES3) and EDFacts Dashboards & Analytics (D&A)


state-reportingSRM (State Report Manager) & VRF (Vertical Report Framework) documentation and client information site for vertical and statewide reporting

procurementsEverything necessary to understand procurements and use ESP’s expertise

arnieSearchable database of assessment, research, & evaluation publications

edtechA database of EdTech vendors, applications, and resources

dandaMeaningful and timely reports/visualizations of EDFacts comparative data