#ESPTwiminar7–EDFacts Dashboards & Analytics

Every SEA submits EDFacts data annually to the United States Department of Education.  In addition, every SEA has multiple years of submission files in exactly the same format.  The problem is that SEAs have a delay of up to two years before they are able to graphically view the data they submitted under the current system in ED-Data Express.  Unfortunately, the data are far less meaningful at that age, and often, the data are neither viewed nor utilized at the SEA, LEA, or school levels as a result.  During this seminar, you will discover that EDFacts D&A is a powerful tool that provides graphically enhanced, meaningful, and timely dashboards and visualizations to better understand 5 years of EDFacts data to help inform decisions. 

Click here to acccess ESP’s Tableau visualizations https://public.tableau.com/profile/esp.edfacts.d.a#!/.